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The Unstoppable Muriel Bowser

June 14, 2013
Councilmember Muriel Bowser joins past recipients Representative Nancy Pelosi and Senator Claire McCaskill in receiving the 2013 Outstanding Elected Democratic Woman Holding Public Office Award
Washington, D.C. – Councilmember Muriel Bowser will receive the National Federation of Democratic Women’s Outstanding Elected Democratic Woman Holding Public Office award at the organization’s annual convention which is currently underway in Charleston, WV.  The award is presented annually to a current elected Democratic woman office holder who has made significant contributions to the Democratic Party and who has demonstrated commitment to the success of other Democratic women in the Party organization.  Past recipients of the award include former Speaker and current House of Representatives Democratic Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill, DC Congressional Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, and former DC Council Chair Linda Cropp.
“I am so proud of the legislative work that we have done together.  I share this award with my council colleagues,  my constituents of Ward 4 and with residents throughout the city.  It shows that when we work together we can accomplish big things.  It also acknowledges the strong role that the women of DC play in the success of our city,” said Bowser.  According to Estell Mathis-Lloyd, President of the DC Federation of Democratic Women, “Muriel is known as a team player who exudes collaborative problem solving that has resulted in creating jobs, affordable housing and a high achieving education system.  She supports strong ethics and campaign finance reform.  More importantly, Muriel has aggressively worked for statehood, budget autonomy and full voting rights.”
Bowser is one of four women on the 13 member DC council.  During her six years representing Ward 4, Bowser has been a champion of an honest and efficient government that takes care of its children and seniors and that brings government services and economic development to all neighborhoods of Washington, DC.  In March 2013, Bowser announced that she is a candidate for the Mayor of the District of Columbia.
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3 thoughts on “The Unstoppable Muriel Bowser

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    • I think she she has accomplished a lot. She paved the way for ethics reform, worked tirelessly for her constituents and has sponsored or supported other major legislation to the embetterment of not only her constituents but the city.

      I agree, she has taken money from Jeff Thompson, as have almost all the Council members. I hope that she will do as others in Congress have done and as I proposed Eleanor Holmes Norton do and return those funds. At this point in her career she needs to distance herself from Mr. Thompson and other “corrupt power elites” like David Wilmot. I know they helped her thus far but she has enough political clout and backing from her constituents and the city to fund her campaign without their money.

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