Join the Shepherd Park Citizens Association!

It doesn’t matter if you live west of East Beach or east of West Beach. It doesn’t matter if you live north of Portal or south of North Portal. You need to belong to the Shepherd Park Citizens Association!

Dues for your household are $25 a year. This helps us serve the entire community between Georgia Avenue and Rock Creek Park, from Walter Reed to the D.C.-Maryland border.

Come to the potluck on Jan. 31 for this year’s first example of what we do in bringing together our wonderfully diverse neighborhood. Or to the Halloween Parade. Or the Garden Tour. Or cruise the neighborhood on yard-sale weekend. Or come to the next SPCA meeting Feb. 9. These are just some of the things we do to forge common cause for all of our people.

Go to www.shepherdpark.org, and on the left column of the homepage you can see options to join by mail or join online. Choose one or the other — or choose both (I won’t mind!) In order for us to serve the community more fully, we need more members. And this includes you!

Thanks for your participating. You chose a great neighborhood to live in. Now let’s make it really count!

Mark Pattison

SPCA president

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