D.C. SNOW PLAN: Sunday Snow Update!

From the Office of Councilmember Brandon T. Todd
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Sunday, January 24, 2016


Thank you again for your continued patience and support throughout this blizzard. I just left Mayor Bowser’s snow command center for the evening. Many people are working very hard to ensure we have the needed resources in Ward 4 and across the city to clear this snowfall.

Today, I spent the afternoon along with my staff driving through Ward 4, assessing needs, and taking note of areas that require additional support. I will continue this throughout the day tomorrow along with my staff and the Mayor’s Office of Community Relations and Services, as well as with the Ward 4 MOCRS who are also out surveying the Ward. As you know, we’re in full recovery mode; crews have been out working around the clock ensuring that primary and secondary roads are paved and are accessible. These crews are also working on getting to all residential streets in Ward 4 as soon as possible. Crews will continue to work throughout this evening and into the morning, and all day tomorrow, to get the job done as quickly as possible.

Plowing is currently focused on primary and secondary roads and are pushing forward, if possible, to get to all neighborhood roads. Exceptions are still being made for cases of medical emergency. Your street will be plowed, however, please continue to be patient – there is an unprecedented amount of snow to be cleared. Please continue to alert me and my staff about the status of snow in your neighborhood and do not hesitate to reach out to me or my staff with any additional concerns or questions. Volunteers are still needed to help with snow removal – sign up HERE.

A big thanks are due to the men and women at DPW, DDOT, DGS, the D.C. National Guard, and the D.C. Snow Teams for their incredible efforts. And thank you also to the thousands of volunteers who stepped up to help their city during this time of need.


DCPS: D.C. Schools are closed tomorrow.

D.C. GOVERNMENT: D.C. Government is closed tomorrow.

WMATA: The Metro will be operating on a limited basis tomorrow. Please check HERE for more information.

FOOD FOR CHILDREN: Ten locations throughout the District will be providing breakfast and lunch between 10am and 2pm for children. Please check snow.dc.gov for more information.

TRASH COLLECTION: At this time, there will be no trash pickup on Monday and Tuesday.

PLOWING + RESOURCES: Please continue to check snow.dc.gov for updates and info on deployments and resources being used. There are extensive resources being deployed – including equipment, additional contractors, PEPCO assistance, and D.C. government staff. Specifically, the equipment being used is the following:

Dump Truck w/ Plow – 5
Dump Truck w/ Spreader – 29
Light Plow Truck – 4
Light Plow w/ Spreader – 108
Excavator – 1
Heavy Plow w/ Spreader – 102
Compact Truck Loader – 16
Backhoe – 14
Bobcat – 85
Truck Loader – 12
Service trucks – 7
Rubber Tire Loader – 32
Truck loader – 15
Dump Truck – 209
Dump Trailers – 14

Please be aware that, while crews have been working around the clock to plow the streets as quickly as possible, this unprecedented snowfall will take some time to be completely cleared.

Continue to be vigilant and persistent in our efforts to clear this snow. Keep up the great work Ward 4.



Brandon T. Todd
Councilmember, Ward 4

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