#Snownado 2016

So, we made it through Ward 4.  Over two feet of snow fell between Friday and Saturday and we survived.  We racked up all the toilet paper, bread and milk we could find between Safeway, Walmart and our local corner markets.  Our beer, wine and liquor rationed through the weekend to last until the inevitable dig out began.  And boy has it begun.  Our Mayor, Council member, ANC Commissioners, MOCRS, DPW, MPD, FEMS, etc. are all out in full force making sure our basic city services are in place and that the roads are plowed and treated as quickly as possible.

Now, just a few things to remember as the dig out continues:

  1. Please be vigilant of your neighbors efforts.  If you see a clear path, don’t block it with snow just because its convenient for you.
  2. If you see a neighbor hasn’t begin to dig themselves out at all, or perhaps you know they cannot, due to illness, age or disability, lend a helping hand.
  3. If you see someone has left their snow shovel, ice, etc. laying about, on their porch, etc., it is not an invitation to “borrow it” or “use it” or just “take it” without their permission.  That is a crime.
  4. Please remember to lock your doors while shoveling your snow.  It only takes a moment for someone to enter your home while your back is turned.  (This is advise for myself because I went sledding and left my door wide open.  Thank you Khalil Thompson, Ward 4 MOCR, for paying attention and closing it for me).
  5. Please be understanding that alleys are just not a priority at this time.  If you have a garage I suggest using it to store your garbage until the alleyway is passable and the trash can be collected.  DPW is working as quick as they can but there are only so many trucks, with only so many drivers and A LOT of roads to cover before alleys can become a priority.
  6. If your like me, you probably attempted to use your car as a means to flatten the snow.  Be aware, with so much snow around your car, carbon monoxide leaks into the vehicle so keeping kids in the car with you to warm them up…not a good idea.  (There was a news report of this happening to a family just this morning).
  7. Use the time off from work and school to engage with your family and friends.  Go to your local businesses in your community.  They need your support now more than ever.
  8. Keep an ear out for the Mayor’s daily briefings.  She has been doing a wonderful job of keeping the City informed of all of the dig out efforts and will continue to do so.
  9. I will continue to post Councilmember Todd’s daily emails which also detail the dig  efforts in Ward 4 specifically and how you can help.
  10. Reach out to me if you require assistance with snow removal.  I can put you in contact with ServeDC (for seniors and the disabled), Councilmember Todd’s constituent services and the Mayors Ward 4 Liaison.

Enjoy.  Be careful.  Be safe.

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