REMINDER: Meeting on DOEE’s Innovation Grants & DDOT’s Vision Zero

Dear Neighbors,

You may have seen an announcement about this ANC 4B Committee meeting nearly a week ago on the Takoma DC listserv ……

>> >>> >> >>> >> >>> >>

Monday night, February 8 at 6:30 pm, the ANC 4B’s Committee on Public Works and Infrastructure (PWI) will hold its first meeting.

Where: Takoma Park (DC) Neighborhood Library, corner of 5th and Cedar Streets, NW (just 1.5 blocks west of the Takoma Metro Station — Red line). Specifically, in the ground floor meeting room. Direct ADA access is from 5th Street, NW.

On the Agenda :

v Department of Energy and Environment’s (DOEE) RiverSmart Innovation Grant Program, and

v Department of Transportation’s (DDOT) Vision Zero Program

¨ For DOEE’s RiverSmart Innovation Grant program,

we will show DOEE’s pdf presentation which provides a summary description of the program. (Because of a programmatic conflict, a DOEE representative will not be present.)

February 29 at 4:30 pm is the deadline to submit applications. So if your group or organization is interested, you’ll need to work fast!

“Projects must promote the health of the District’s watersheds and waterbodies in one or more of the following areas:

1. Remove impervious surfaces, install green infrastructure, or plant/preserve trees

2. Create/promote green jobs

3. Restore native habitat

4. Clean up an area affected by high volumes of litter

5. Prevent litter”

¨ Sam Zimbabwe, Associate Director for the Policy, Planning & Sustainability Administration of DDOT

will present an overview of the Vision Zero program with a special focus on speeding and fines. Pedestrian and bike safety in vehicular traffic is the overall objective of DDOT’s program. What measure/s will bring down to zero the number of pedestrian and bike fatalities caused by crashes with vehicles? Are high fines an effective deterrent? If not, what is?

Many people are also interested in safety as we walk through our community on our sidewalks. This feature is not currently part of the Vision Zero program. Will there be a separate program focused on walkability and measures to improve safety while walking on our sidewalks? We note that DDOT is in charge of lighting.

Links for more information:

¨ DOEE’s RiverSmart Innovation Grant program: riversmart.innovation16

¨ DDOT’s Vision Zero: Contact the Vision Zero team: vision.zero

The public is invited and welcome to come and ask questions at these ANC 4B Committee meetings.

Faith Wheeler, Chair

ANC 4B Committee on Public Works and Infrastructure


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