PSA Meeting Schedule

Hello Fourth District Family,

Please see the list of PSA Meetings scheduled below:

Lt. John McDonald


PSA 401 Wednesday February 10th, 2016

@ Fourth District, 6001 Georgia Ave NW 7pm (Please take note of the meeting’s location)

Lt. John McDonald


PSA 402 Wednesday February 25th, 2016

@ Fourth District, 6001 Georgia Ave, 7pm

Lt. Shane Lamond


PSA 403 Wednesday April 20th, 2016

@ Emery Rec. 5801 Georgia Avenue, NW, 7pm

Lt. Raul Figueras


PSA 404 March 8th, 2016 (This meeting is now on the 2nd Tuesday of every month)

@ Patrol Services, 801 Shepherd St, NW, 7pm

Lt. Ashley Rosenthal


PSA 405 February 24th, 2016 (Combined with ANC 5A)

@ 5171 South Dakota Avenue, NE 6:45pm

(On the Campus of UDC/BACKUS in the multi-purpose room 129)

Enter parking lot off Galloway Street, NE

Lt. Ozetta Posey


PSA 406 Tuesday March 8th 2016

@ Fourth District, 6001 Georgia Avenue, NW 7pm

Lt. Anthony Washington


PSA 407 Thursday February 18th, 2016 (No Longer Combined with PSA 404)

@ Patrol Services 801 Shepherd St. NW 7pm

Lt. Micah Pate


PSA 408 Wednesday April 24th, 2016

@ 3166 Mt. Pleasant Street La Casa Community Center 7pm

Lt. Angela Cousins-Douglas


PSA 409 February 17th 2016 (Combined with PSA 302)

@ 750 Park Road NW 7pm Fourth District Substation

Please share this information with your neighbors or anyone who you may know that does not utilize the internet and/or MPD 4D Listserve.

Also, If you have any questions as to when your next scheduled Police Service Area meeting is or what PSA you reside in, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Don’t forget to tell a Neighbor and Bring a friend!


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