Remembering Pamela Butler

I can’t believe another hear has gone by since I learned that one of my neighbors, Pamela Butler, was missing. Her house, with its very eclectic yard of stones, I passed daily on my way too or from the store, work, etc. It is surprising that with all of the modern day profiling and forensic techniques no leads have been developed. Meanwhile she is missing, her family is in ruins and her ex boyfriend lives each day under the aura of suspicion.

Although her home has been transformed and sold, those who lived her before still think of Ms. Butler often, as evidenced today by the annual prayer vigil held in her honor at the corner of where her beloved home once stood. Council member Bowser has requested that MPD raise the reward amount to $25,000 in an attempt to garner more information regarding the whereabouts of Ms. Butler, who we all pray is still alive; however remote that possibility may seem after such a lengthy absence. I believe this community should unify our efforts to make Chief Lanier and Mayor Gray listen to our request and raise the reward amount. I would also like to know what our police department has done and is currently doing in terms of their investigation. Is this still an active case? is it a cold case? what other steps can be taken to locate Ms. Butler or determine what happened to her?

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Dear friends and neighbors,

As you may recall Pamela Butler has been missing now 7 years. The family continues to grieve and to live with the unknown.

As a community and as individuals we must all realize that this could be any of us. It could be our loved one.

I hope again that you will join us to remember Pamela, support her family, and keep this case alive with every ounce of hope, love and prayer that we can offer.

Warmest regards,

Keith Jarrell

Below is a note from DERRICK BUTLER:

Most of you all know we are about to have our 7th Prayer Vigil for Pamela J Butler on February 13th at 4:00 p.m. – 5:00 P.M. at the corner of 4th and Oglethorpe S.T. N.W. Wash D.C.
We would love to have you out there to support my family and bring awareness to her disappearance. I…

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