Sign Electronic Petition to Oppose Dog Park at Takoma

Hello Friends and Neighbors,

DC Residents please click on the surveymonkey link to oppose a dog park at Takoma Recreation Center. r/J62W8BK


Please feel free to forward this email to others.

The Friends of Takoma Recreation Center oppose the dog-park application for the location of 3rd and Underwood, Washington, DC, a highly-utilized on the permitted field 2 athletic complex at Takoma Recreation Center in Ward 4. The Friends oppose the application because…

•Takoma Recreation Center is a highly-utilized park. The proposed dog-park site is designated as a pet-free zone as stated on the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) field signs. Visitors from all over the city and region have enjoyed this parkland since the 1920s.

•Our youth soccer and baseball players and their families deserve to keep access to the highly-utilized playing and practice field; an observation area; picnic area; and cooling spot during the spring; summer and fall. It is very likely that baseball and soccer have been played on this field dating back to 1928.

•Our youth players and their families are among the most diverse and voice-less, DPR permitted stakeholders in the park.

•DPR did not ask the community or park stakeholders for their input on a dog park on a permitted field at Takoma Recreation Center.

•DPR regulations favor the dog park group and gives the group the authority to select 10,000 square feet of permitted field space for a dog park.

•Our community deserves an opportunity to oppose spending an estimated $300,000 taxpayer dollars on a dog park. The Friends have requested soccer field upgrades for youth since 1997 with no favorable response.

•Members of the Dog Park Application Review Committee (DPARC) include representatives from the Takoma dog park group. There are no independent community voices included on DPARC, a District of Columbia public committee.

•Our entire community deserves a process that is fair and much more exhaustive before selecting and dramatically altering already permitted, dedicated and highly-utilized field space.

Thank you for your support of youth and families at Takoma Recreation Center.

Friends of Takoma Recreation Center (FOTR)
300 Van Buren Street, NW
Washington, DC 20012

The FOTR is a non-profit organization founded in 1997 to help ensure that Takoma Recreation Center is a fun and safe place to play.

2 thoughts on “Sign Electronic Petition to Oppose Dog Park at Takoma

    • Hi Marci,

      If you recall, I have previously written about the advocates side of this situation. In addition, fairly recently Mike Cohen wrote an article discussing the importance of the dog park, at my request. I am trying to be neutral. But personally, although I do not have a dog, I am for the dog park and the site. I always welcome comments so please if you would like to elaborate as to why your advocating for the park, feel free to do so. I can post your comments as a blog post if you like. As always, feel free to contact me at nisa655@gmail.com to discuss further.

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