Northern Ward 4 Dog Park

Good afternoon readers,

As you know I have been following the issue of a Ward 4 in Northern Ward 4 for some time. I, along with Mike Cohen of the Norther Ward 4 Dog Park Initiative, have written articles about this issue. Recently, I also posted a petition developed by the Friends of Takoma Park against the location of the proposed dog park. I received a comment from a reader stating that I was only proffering one side of the discussion and did not give advocates of the dog park the opportunity to state their position. I beg to differ. I have tried to always post articles on both sides of this and any issue. However, in an effort to be even more transparent, I am offering anyone, those opposed and against the dog park to reach out to me to comment on the blog or write an article for posting on the blog regarding this contentious issue.

I welcome the ensuing discussion.

Tiffani Nichole Johnson, JD


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