Join DC Residents to Protest Taxation Without Representation

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Dear Tiffani,

DSC03096There is a unique opportunity coming in April 2016 for DC residents to protest Taxation Without Representation on American soil and demonstrate that we are unified and determined to be treated as full and equal citizens. Join your neighbors in making this protest meaningful and successful.

With your help, Friday, April 15, 2016 will be a day when thousands of DC residents march to the US Capitol building, with props of tax returns in hand, to raise awareness that Congress put an end to Taxation Without Representation in the nation’s capitol. A protest of this magnitude will alert the national and international media to take a second look and examine why DC residents are disenfranchised and what the Congress can and must do to remedy it.

This year, tax deadline day – April 15 – is also when the DC government is recognizing DC’s Emancipation Day holiday, since it falls on Saturday, April 16. This "luck of the calendar" means the federal tax deadline will move to April 18, a development that is certain to attract national and international media attention. With your help, we can make our fight for equality a big part of the Tax Day story because this day is not just about protesting our status, it is about advocating for what we deserve: equality.

It is critical that residents from every part of the District participate in this event, and that is why we hope you can partner with us in planning, promoting and turning out thousands to attend the march. Together, we can send a loud message that DC residents, from every walk of life, no longer want to be considered second-class citizens in a country that prides itself as an inclusive democracy. We in the District need to stand up for ourselves, speak out for our cause, and march for equality on April 15, 2016 and we hope you will join us in this effort.

Visit DCTaxDayProtest.org to endorse, sign on, or learn more. On behalf of our fellow citizens of the District of Columbia, we thank you and we’ll see you on Friday, April 15th!


Kim Perry
DC Resident
DC Vote


Josh Burch
DC Resident
Neighbors United for DC Statehood

DC Vote
1100 H Street NW Suite M-100, Washington, DC 20005 US
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