MPD Alerts Citizens of Email Scam

MPD Alerts Citizens of Email Scam

The Metropolitan Police Department has recently been informed of an erroneous email that has been circulating in our communities, and would like to inform the public about its validity.

The email references poisonous free perfume samples that caused seven women to die. The letter also claims to have been generated from MPD’s Office of the Chief of Police. At this time, MPD would like to notify you that all of these claims have proved to be false and inaccurate.

After reviewing the contents of the email and the information within, MPD has found the email to be invalid. MPD is not aware of any reports or information pertaining to any deaths resulting from free perfume samples. Furthermore, we have found that this claim has been circulated as an internet hoax since approximately 2001.

If you are a recipient of such an email, we suggest you erase the email immediately. It is also in your best interest, not to open any attachments that may be included. And as you already know, any and all suspicious mail should be reported to the police.

Thank you for your attention to this matter and concern. Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to call police by dialing 911, or at 202-727-9099.

Dustin Sternbeck

Director, Office of Communications

Metropolitan Police Department

300 Indiana Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20001



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