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Dear Neighbors,

We are looking for a few creative folks with ideas that need funding. We have the place for you – a warm community environment, helpful feedback, and most importantly – money to make your project a reality. Our next Heights Community Soup will occur Thursday, May 5th – Cinco de Mayo. No project is too small or too big.

Contact us if you need funding for say a community association, have a PTA project in mind, or maybe see a need in the community that hasn’t been met. We would like to have you come and share your idea. Please direct any questions to info.heightscommunitysoup and email your proposal to that address.

What is Soup? A community potluck dinner where neighbors gather, share dinner and ideas for the neighborhood, and vote to fund one of four proposals presented that night.

Our first Soup held 1/21/15 – raised $640 for the winning proposal – a basketball/mentor summer camp.

Our second Soup held 4/30 – raised $770 for the winning proposal – the 14th & Kennedy Street Farmers Market.

Our third Soup held 10/27 – rasied $570 for the winning proposal – Doo-Dad Rescue Alliance. Doo-Dad provides tactile artistic experiences that engage folks in creative recycling.

Check out the attached postcard for further details.

In case you can’t see the attachment,the Heights Community Soup will be held Thursday, May 5th, 6:30-8:30 at AKA-XiOmegaCenter, 4411 14th St.

Doors open at 6
Presentations start at 6:30
Dinner around 7:30
Winner announced by 8:30

Proposals would benefit communities surrounding the upper 14th St area bounded by: Georgia Avenue (East), Rock Creek Park (West), Spring Road (South) and Missouri Avenue (North).


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