4D-Neighbors ANC 4C Draft Agenda – May 11, 2016 Meeting

The following is the draft agenda for the May 11, 2016 Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4C public meeting – to be held from 6:30 pm – 8:45 pm in the community room of the Petworth Library, 4200 Kansas Avenue NW, at Georgia and Upshur.

The asterisk (*) after an agenda item signifies that you will be welcome to comment on that agenda item, time permitting by the call of the chair. If you feel strongly about speaking about an agenda item and you see no asterisk here, please let us know in advance if you can or signal us during the meeting. The names of commissioners requesting an agenda item are listed in parentheses with her or his single-member district referenced at the end of that agenda item.


1. Call to Order

2. Roll Call and Introduction of Commissioners

3. Approval of the Agenda

4. Reading and Approval of the March and April, 2016 Minutes

5. Agency & DC Elected Officials’ Announcements including but not limited to:

a. Office of Ward 4 Councilmember Brandon Todd

b. Executive Office of the Mayor / Mayor’s Office of Community Relations & Services

c. Metropolitan Police Department

6. Community Comment (2 minutes each)


1. Nancy Lyons, Murals DC (Teutsch – SMD 4C05)

2. DPW Director Christopher Shorter (Teutsch – SMD 4C05)


Link: http://abra.dc.gov
1. Golden Paradise Restaurant, 3905-3909 14th Street NW. License # ABRA-098205. Restaurant contact: Ana De Leon 202-246-7601. Requesting an entertainment endorsement & new hours. (Teutsch – SMD 4C05)

2. El Don, 4401 14th Street NW. Settlement agreement. (Teutsch – SMD 4C05)


Link: http://dcoz.dc.gov/bza/bza.shtm

1. 320 Webster Street NW. Developer: 320 Webster LLC. BZA Case # 19304

Developer seeks zoning relief to convert a single family home into a three-unit apartment building with a heigh increase and a popback. (Goodman – SMD 4C10)

2. Centro Evangelistico, 4101 9th Street NW (at Taylor). The church plans to raze the current structure and build a new church with underground parking.
(Hayworth – SMD 4C07)


1. Timber Pizza, 809 Upshur Street NW. ABRA License # 101399.

Requesting a public space permit for two sidewalk tables.
Owner: Andrew Dana 202-258-6832. ​(Hayworth – SMD 4C07)


1. Parents Organized for the Power of Powell (POPPS). Powell Elementary Spring Community Carnival. Saturday, May 14th, 10a-3p. Roosevelt HS Field.

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