6:30 PSA walkthrough starting point has changed to Georgia and Ingraham

Hello, neighbors,

After studying the crime maps I have asked that the route of the PSA walkthrough with CM Todd this afternoon be revised to encompass a chunk of the Georgia Ave commercial strip, including 5300, 5400 and 5500 blocks, where 24 VIOLENT CRIMES were reported to MPD over the last 18 months (since 1/5/2015). I hope to engage the proprietors along that area before turning down Illinois to the bus stop on Kennedy and proceeding east on Kennedy.

Walk will start at 6:30 pm in front of the CVS at Georgia and Ingraham, and will proceed as outlined below. Notice the summarized crime stats in boldface below. I’ve attached a cockeyed map below—you have to rotate the view on your own screen.

1. Gather in front of CVS at 5227 Georgia Ave. at 6:30 pm. Walk NORTH, cross Ingraham and continue on Georgia through 5300-5500 blocks. The 5500 block is very short. 24 reported incidents of violent crime during past 18 months, including every category except homicide and sex abuse.

2. Turn SOUTH on Illinois to corner of Kennedy, cross to south side of Kennedy (look at bus-stop area at that corner). 3 reported incidents of violent crime on that block of Illinois Ave., including two assaults involving a gun. Corner of Kennedy and Illinois had 1 reported incident of sex abuse.

3. Turn EAST on Kennedy and continue on Kennedy through 900, 800 and 700 blocks to 7th St. NW. There were 20 incidents of violent crime along these blocks of Kennedy St., including one homicide on the 800 block last April. Several robberies with and without guns, 2 incidents of sex abuse.

4. Turn SOUTH on 7th and continue on 7th through 5400 block to Jefferson. 4 reported incidents of violent crime on that one block of 7th St—2 assaults with deadly weapons, 2 robberies.

5. Turn WEST on Jefferson and continue through 700 and 800 blocks of Jefferson. 5 reported incidents of violent crime on those two blocks of Jefferson, including homicide on 800 block. Assaults, sex abuse.

6. Turn SOUTH on 9th St. and continue to Ingraham St. 1 incident of assault with deadly weapon (with gun) on this block.

7. Turn WEST on Ingraham St. to arrive back at Georgia and Ingraham. 1 incident of assault with deadly weapon (with gun) on this block.

How much we’ll get through in the time we have, I don’t know. If you choose not to walk with us, I hope you will try to turn out somewhere along the route to speak to the Councilmember about your concerns. I will do my best to ensure it gets followed through.

Text me at 550-8353 after 6:30 to get updates en route. I will do my best to keep you abreast of the progress.

Many thanks,
Nancy Roth

Commissioner, ANC 4D01
202 550 8353

Map of July 5 walk.pdf

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