Block party and youth-empowerment program on 800 block of Jefferson July 30

Hello, neighbors,

I thought I’d tell you about an event in our neighborhood a week from Saturday.

The event is being planned by Brightwood-Petworth Community Alliance, a new community group that grew out of meetings of Jefferson St. residents this past spring to brainstorm ways to quell neighborhood crime by means other than law enforcement.

The group held an interesting and well-attended Expungement Summit on June 28, and is planning a Youth Jobs Fair in September. We were looking for ways to get to build better acquaintance with kids on in the neighborhood, and to that end had been planning a potluck for July. But then we learned some residents at 812 Jefferson St. were already circulating a petition to organize a block party on 800 block of Jefferson St. on Saturday July 30!

We have merged our event with the block party, which is to take place at 12-4 pm on the 800 block of Jefferson.

Attaching an attractive flyer designed by my colleague David Sheon (ANC 4D04) to promote the event. Here, in his words, are ways you can help:

1) Print. If you have a printer and can print out some copies of the flyer, please email me back and I’ll come pick them up. I don’t have a print budget for this so if you can print even 20 copies, that would be great.

2) Distribute. If you want to hand out flyers on your block, let me know, and I’ll get them dropped to your door and coordinate the distribution.

3) Cook. That’s right! Bring a dish to the potluck. Be sure to bring enough for yourself and another. Bring your own serving spoon. We will have tables.

4) Mentor. If you want to be paired with a young man or woman from the neighborhood, let me know. Or just come. We’ll figure it out.

5) Spread the word. Do you have young adults who are looking for work in your house, or on your block? Tell them about it. Remind them there is free food. Good food. And neighbors who care and want to help them.

6) Build a resume. Have a laptop? Bring it. We’ll have tables and chairs to partner you with people in need of a new resume or sharpening an existing one.

7) Come, eat, make new friends. Everyone should do this one!

8) Join the Brightwood Petworth Community Alliance (BPCA) – which has formed to help our young adults. It’s an all volunteer group. Next program will be a jobs fair in the fall.

Can’t join but want to help through a donation? We need plates, plastic silverware, tablecoths, and some beverages. $5 from a few people would go a long way. Again, contact me if interested.

Please let David OR me know if you’d like to be of help in any way, or in some other way we haven’t thought of.

Show your strength and love of community where it is needed, by participating in this effort and/or in the Brightwood-Petworth Community Alliance.


Jefferson St block party flyer.pdf

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