IMPORTANT – Washington Soccer Club update

Dear WSC Family,

We are honored to introduce a few major changes to the Washington Soccer Club for players ages 11 and under. Effective this fall, we will be spinning off the Recreation programs – Camps, Clinics and Pre-Travel Programming for our 11 and under players. Going forward these programs will be a part of a separate, newly formed organization, Washington Youth Soccer Academy.

The Washington Youth Soccer Academy (WYSA) is a separate nonprofit organization created to give young players access to premier soccer training in the Washington metropolitan area. Together, with a team of exceptional coaches, administrators, and board members we are embracing the founding legacy of inclusive premier soccer instruction while introducing the new Washington Youth Soccer Academy.

Registration for the Fall season is now open. You can register at our new website, http://www.wdcyouthsoccer.com today. To join our email list or to ask questions please go to our website.

Also, look out for a message following this email that will come from (info). This will have more information for fall registration. All future soccer correspondence will come from that email.

We have big plans for WYSA and look forward to working with you, your families and players this Fall.


The WYSA team

Mike Idiokitas – President

Keith Tucker – Coaching Director

Lisa Lash – Director of Marketing and Community Outreach

Risi Idiokitas – Administrative Director

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