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New Small Business in Brightwood – The Chambers Firm

Good morning friends and neighbors:

I am a resident of Brightwood and have been a member of the List Serve since January, 2016. I am also a new business owner in the area. I recently opened up my own law firm, The Chambers Firm, LLC, and wanted to share this news, and my website (www.chambersfirmdcmd.com) with Brightwood. I would love to be the “neighborhood lawyer” for the community, helping the mature residents with the issues that are important to them as well as helping business owners and aspiring business owners navigate the legal and regulatory red-tape they will face in launching their small business. While I have offices in Silver Spring and near Union Station downtown, I can also meet with clients in Brightwood and the surrounding neighborhoods in the event someone is unable to get to either of those locations easily. My practice areas are:

Wills and Estates
Small Business Representation
Employment Law
Criminal Defense

If you know of anyone who can use the types of assistance I can provide, please do not hesitate to give them my information. They can call, email, or contact me through my website.

Thank you so much for reading.

Darrell Chambers


(202) 507-6273
(240) 638-2831

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