Update on Kennedy Street Development (809-813 Kennedy Street aka the Vacant Lot)

Hello, everyone,

Last month at the ANC 4D meeting we learned that the Department of Housing and Community Development had postponed its community meeting on the solicitation for the development of the eyesore lots at 809-813 Kennedy St.

I just got word last night that the DHCD has now rescheduled that meeting to:

Wednesday, Sept. 21
6 pm
Emery Recreation Center (5700 Georgia Ave. NW)

As I’ve understood it the key point of this meeting is for DHCD to hear and respond to the questions and concerns of the residents regarding the new building going in there. The developers planning to submit proposals are likely to be there as well, and if you are interested in the kinds of things they will be proposing, it will be a chance to mingle and discuss their proposals with them.

Please try to be present!

More to come,
Nancy Roth

Nancy E. Roth
Commissioner, ANC 4D01
202 550 8353

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