Working families need to thrive, not just survive

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Thanks to supporters like you, DC Working Families was able to pass a $15 minimum wage earlier this year. This was a huge victory but in a city as expensive and unequal as ours, working families need more than just higher wages to make ends meet. That’s why we need the DC Council to pass Paid Family Leave so we can earn time off to care for family and “Just Hours” so we can end abusive scheduling practices.

The Council returns from summer recess next week and they need to hear from you if working people are going to be given a real shot at success. Join us in calling on them to stand up for hard working families.

Paid Family Leave would allow families to earn paid leave so you can take care of a loved one in a time of need. No one should have to choose between their job and caring for a family member but that is all too often the case.

Just Hours would apply common sense standards to make sure people who work for big chain retail or food service employers get their work schedules two weeks in advance and get a chance to work full-time if they want to. It would transform the lives of nearly one in five workers in DC. [1]

Join us in calling on the Council to give hard working families a chance to thrive, not just survive. Tell them it is time to pass Paid Family Leave and Just Hours.

In solidarity,

Delvone Michael
Executive Director
DC Working Families Party

[1] http://dcjusthours.org/about-dcs-service-sector/

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