Follow-up: Show Up and Say NO to Permanent Late Night Metro Service Cuts

Hi Everyone!

If you missed the Metro hearing and/or rally on Late-Night Service Cuts, no problem! Here is a petition you can sign and send a letter directly to Metro, to ensure your voice is heard before they close the comment period on Tuesday.

Also, below you will find a list of organizations that you can get involved in to continue the movement to create a robust transportation system that serves DC residents at all hours of the day.

Once again here is the petition to send a letter directly to Metro demanding they find dedicated funding solutions, and not cut back hours or stations:


Organizations working to improve Metro Service:
WMATA Rider’s Advisory Council. Contact: J. Clarence Flanders, Budget and Finance Subcommittee Chairperson, WMATA Rider’s Advisory Council. j.clarence.flanders
Project Retail: Project Retail is a growing network of current and former retail and food workers and their their supporters fighting for living ages, fair working conditions, and access to public transportation in the Washington, D.C. Area. Contact: http://www.projectretail.org/.

Please visit their website for more information. They also have a petition addressing changes needed within Metro.

Jeremiah Lowery
-DC Activist

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