Menu for Saturday, October 29 @ 14th & Kennedy FMfrom 9 to 1

We’re located @ 5501 Colorado Avenue, NW, Washington, DC

Here’s our menu in one easy link!

As always, it’s open rain or shine! The latest weather for tomorrow is: early rain giving way to a sunny and breezy day rising to 66 degrees by 1 PM.

NEW this week: You and your kids are invited to come in costume to celebrate Halloween at the 14th & Kennedy St farmers market kids tent this Saturday, 9am-noon. We’ll have Halloween games, a craft activity, and pumpkin decorating (or carving if parents want to help out).

Happy Halloween!

We will also have neighbor, Montgomery Fox, over for his unique brand of audience participation and music performance.

We love to support neighborhood organizations. We offer fruit or vegetables for one time events, gift certificates for silent auctions or raffles. We also consider other ideas you might have to support the neighborhood. Please contact Jim Coleman @ 2026818799 or freshvistamarkets.

We are on the hunt for new hot food vendors now. If you know of a vendor who would be adaptable to the market’s needs and experienced on morning oriented outdoor events to be our anchor hot food vendor, we would love to talk with you about this, contact Jim Coleman @ 2026818799 or freshvistamarkets.

We are still looking for musicians to play acoustically for tips at the market. If you’ve always wanted to try it, this may be your golden opportunity.

We have a limited amount of checks for the Fruit & Vegetable Prescription program, which runs until November of this year. Ask your local health clinic about the program. Produce Plus, DC’s fresh veggies incentive program, is finished for this season at the market.

This week’s menu includes:

Belle Prairie Farm (our only peer to peer certified organic vegetable farm) is back this week.

· Nasturtiums (edible flowers)

· Lettuce

· Belle Prairie Mix (salad) – 10 kinds

· Leeks

· Hot peppers

· Regular & Baby Kale

· Chard

· Arugula

· Tomatoes -Green & Ripe

· Potatoes – 4 kinds

· Breakfast radishes

· Turnips

· Onions (maybe)

· Holy basil (tea)

Garner’s Produce

· Tomatoes- Roma, cherry, heirloom

· “Elegance” mixed salad/stir fry greens

· broccoli

· Cauliflower

· swiss chard

· collard greens

· Hot Peppers- Jalapeno, cayenne, anaheim, serrano

· Zucchini, patty pan, ishtar, Golden Zucchini, yellow squash

· Fresh cut herbs- parsley, sage

· green bell peppers

· Green Beans

· Roma and Yellow Wax Beans

· green tomatoes

· sweet potatoes- red and white

· New potatoes

· arugula

· Eggplant

· Large Cucumbers

· Pickling cukes

· Sweet onions

· Butternut and Acorn Squash

· Kale

· Shelled cranberry beans

· Corn stalks, Hay bales, Indian Corn, decorative pumpkin mix, wreaths

· mums and pansies

· Osage oranges (decorative only)

· Jack-be-littles and Gourds

· turnip greens

· Hot sauce, Hot pepper jelly, strawberry daiquiri mix, chipolte ketchup, bloody mary mix

· pumpkin and sweet potato butters, seedless blackberry preserves

· indian corn

· delicata, spaghetti, and kabocha squash

· tomatillos

· pie pumpkins

McCleaf’s Produce:

· Braeburn, Empire, Fuji, Grimes Golden, Honey Crisp, Macintosh, Macoun, Red Winesap, Shizuka, Snap Stayman, Suncrisp, York apples

· Asian & Bartlett Pears

· Kiwiberries

· Free range hen eggs

· Fresh Cider in pints, quarts, 1/2g & Gallons

· Beets

· Broccoli

· Cabbage – Reg. & Chinese

· Carrots

· Collards

· Cucumbers

· Regular & Fairy tale eggplant

· Dino, Green boar & red boar kale

· Red & Yellow onions

· Lettuce

· Okra

· Red & Yellow Onions

· Habanero

· Hot Peppers

· Colored Peppers

· Green peppers

· Potatoes

· Winter squash

· Sunchokes

· Sweet potatoes

· Swiss chards

· our value added goods.

Groff’s Content Farm Here are the featured pre made entrees this week from Groff’s Content Farm & Rebo’s Pocket Cafe: Mushroom, spinach & sage sausage strata, white lasagna w/ground turkey breast & basil, Sweet Italian sausage kale & ricotta manicotti, zucchini & goat cheese frittata (vegetarian). They also have their delicious: pastured Berkshire pork & pork sausages, fresh free range hen and duck eggs, free range whole chickens and parts, and grass fed biodynamic beef.

Dimitri Olive Oil will be back this week.

Zeke’s Coffee of DC & Stone Hearth Bakery will have their same great options this week.

Our entertainer this week: see above.

Coming Soon for Vendors: Cupcakes and nuts… Lisa Washington & Sirene Botanicals will be back next week, weather permitting.

We’ll see the finish line for the Half and Half Marathon at the market next week on November 5th.

Coming Kids’ Attractions for this month include: Do you have ideas for future kids tents performers or activities (it can be an activity you lead yourself–like a neighbor’s fantastic bubble snake idea)? If so, please email me, JJ Velez (jjvelez11), and Desiree Frame (desiree4frame) as we’re looking to line up more kids tent activities and performances.

Coming Music Attractions for next month include: TBD.

Thanks for coming to 14th & Kennedy Street Farmers Market. The neighborhood is supportive of the market and we think you rock for coming. We can’t do it without you. What do you want @ market? Do contact us @: 14kenfm whenever you’d like.

Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the web.


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