MPD-4D Package theft info

PSA 407 Presents,

Tips regarding seasonal deliveries from UPS!

It’s that time of year again when we all go crazy ordering from Amazon and varies other “shop until you go broke” websites! Here are just a few tips that I have shared with my family and friends as well as use myself:

Insure high value items! UPS will not leave a high value item unattended.

Leave instructions regarding where drivers should leave packages. (Side door, backyard, with neighbor, etc.)

Have packages delivered to your work address.

Designate a neighborhood business as delivery points (coordinate with business owner).

Four things you can do to prevent your packages from being stolen.

Best: Be home to accept the package.

Next best: Have it delivered to your job.

Last best (lol!): Instructions for the driver to deliver the package to a neighbor that will be home and is willing to accept the package.

Not even a real option!!!: Just don’t buy anything on-line.

gift-304239_640[1]Remember: Without instructions, a driver has the discretion whether or not to leave the package at the door. If you do not want your package left for fear of theft, you must leave instructions.

Happy shopping!!!

Lt. Anthony H. Washington, PSA 407

Lieutenant/Manager PSA 407

Fourth District

6001 Georgia Avenue N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20011


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