ANC 4D Nov. Meeting Tomorrow (Tuesday Nov. 15) Truesdell EC, 7 pm

Hello, neighbors,

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4D will hold its monthly public meeting Tuesday Nov. 15 at Truesdell EC, 800 Ingraham St. NW starting at 7 pm. The meeting agenda is pasted in below.

Also please mark your calendars! Sunday, Dec. 11 is ANC 4D’s holiday party and coat drive at Swampoodle Restaurant on 4:30-7:30 pm. Students at Truesdell and Barnard schools will be the beneficiaries. I will be sending more details on that event including what items are most needed.

I’ve been in a bit of a fog in the depressing aftermath of the national “election”—thus forgetting to thank everyone who voted to allow me to continue to serve the community as ANC 4D01 commissioner. I promise to do my best in this role, and if I miss something or don’t manage to follow through well enough, please don’t be afraid to come forward and tell me how to do better. I will listen to you.

Thought I’d also note that in the term beginning in Jan. 2017 ANC 4D will have a new member, Amy Hemingway, who ran a thoughtful and vigorous campaign for the ANC 4D06 seat, and prevailed. Congratulations to Amy! I look forward to working with her and my other colleagues to make this the best possible version of ANC 4D.

Courage, friends. We still have the power to make a difference right here in our own community.

Many thanks to all,
Nancy Roth



Tuesday, November 15, 2016

1. Call to Order (Colbert)

2. Roll Call, Determination of Quorum (Colbert)

3. Approval of Agenda (Colbert)

4. Approval of October 2016 Meeting Minutes (Colbert)

5. Treasurer’s Reports, Monthly and Quarterly (Branton)

6. Old Business

a. Vacant homes legislation update (Sheon)

b. DDOT proposal to approve residential parking on an

ANC-wide basis only (Bowser)

c. Litter pickup event 10-noon Sat. Nov. 19 (Colbert)

7. New Business

a. Resolution requesting study of moving bus stop from Kennedy and Georgia NW (Roth)

b. Move & Groove (Sheon)

c. Getting rid of rodents with wire traps and beef jerky (Sheon)

8. Community Comments (Timed 2 min.)

a. Fire at 5002 Illinois

b. Kennedy St. infrastructure upgrade project (DDOT to answer questions)

9. Guest Speakers

a. MPD Fourth District Commander Wilfred Manlapaz on reorganization of PSAs (Sheon)

b. TBD

10. Announcements

a. Dec. 11: ANC 4D Holiday Party and Coat Drive at Swampoodle Restaurant (corner of Kennedy, Colorado and 14th St. NW) 4:30-7:30

b. Library trustees public meeting Dec 1 at Shepherd Park Library (Bowser)

c. TBD

11. Adjournment (Colbert)

Commissioners will be available after the meeting to talk one-on-one with constituents.

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