ANC 4D Amazing Holiday Party Dec. 11 at Swampoodle!

OMG, do not miss ANC 4D’s holiday party this year at the Swampoodle restaurant, at junction of 14th St., Kennedy St. and Colorado Ave. on Sunday Dec 11, 4:30-7:30.

There will be food, drink, music, a poetry slam, and if Chair Lisa Colbert is involved you can count on a few ridiculous party games best played while under the influence. Various other diversions as well.

Bring friends and family, see the neighbors you know and meet a few more neighbors you don’t know. Enjoy the beauty and ambiance of this carefully restored restaurant and celebrate our growing community.

As we did last year we will be collecting ***new*** coats for children at Truesdell and Barnard schools. If you like you can also bring hats, scarves and gloves. They will be distributed at the schools on Friday, Dec. 16, for which you can volunteer to help as well. I helped at Barnard last year and it was so much fun!

If you are inclined to make a donation toward the food platters we would much appreciate it, as for some stupid reason ANCs are not allowed to buy food with funds from our treasury (hopefully with the reform legislation that restriction will be eased a bit but that’s how it is for now).

We only need to raise about $200 at present. If you’d like to contribute please be in touch. It must not be donated directly to the ANC.

Thanks so much, everyone. I hope to see you there! Remember, 4:30-7:30 Sunday Dec. 11.

Warm regards,

Nancy Roth
Commissioner, ANC 4D01

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