Envisioning Kennedy Street NW

Friends and Allies in a better Kennedy Street:

I’m excited to announce the release of Envisioning Kennedy Street NW, a volunteer initiative of a group of active members of our community, led by neighborhood architect Lesley Golenor. See the press release below for more info.

Please share with anyone interested in joining us in building an inclusive, walkable, and business-friendly Kennedy Street NW!


Press Release Statement:

As residents of the greater Kennedy Street NW corridor and advocates for a livable, thriving, safe, and business-friendly street, we are excited to share an Envisioning Document for our community. This document is the result of a year-long collaborative effort by an all-volunteer group of neighbors and members of the Kennedy Street Development Association (KSDA), now restructured as the Kennedy Street Development Corporation (KSDC).

The purpose of this Envisioning Document is to put into words and pictures the opportunities we see in Kennedy Street’s revival in the coming years and decades. This effort represents our perspective and passion for the potential of the corridor. In the document, we begin by touching on the history and community surrounding the street and some of the challenges familiar to any urban revitalization effort. The focus of the document, however, is not to dwell on the challenges, but to take an imaginative look into the future and inspire civic leaders, entrepreneurs, established businesses and property owners, potential investors, and the wider community to action.

We present a variety of community improvement initiatives and design ideas throughout the document, from small to large, that could make a difference in the quality and vibrancy of the street. Some ideas truly are small (a fresh coat of paint, a cared-for planter box) while others are admittedly more intensive and would require much greater investment. Nevertheless, no matter how big or small the improvement, both ends of the spectrum require commitment, passion, and faith in the community.

With the DDOT streetscaping project currently underway, large-scale investment in Kennedy Street is already happening. We are thrilled to be a part of the momentum of development along the corridor, and we encourage investment that strives to enhance our vibrant, welcoming, diverse, and inclusive community.

If you would like get involved or learn more, please reference the final pages of the document for a list of resources and contacts. Thank you for taking the time to read about our vision for Kennedy Street NW!


Lesley Golenor, AIA
Lead Organizer, Editor, & Contributor

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