Envisioning Kennedy Street NW

Did I happen to mention my beautiful daughter is famous!!! Looks who on the cover modeling her I (heart) Kennedy Street NW T-Shirt!!!! We love our community.

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Friends and Allies in a better Kennedy Street:

I’m excited to announce the release of Envisioning Kennedy Street NW, a volunteer initiative of a group of active members of our community, led by neighborhood architect Lesley Golenor. See the press release below for more info.

Please share with anyone interested in joining us in building an inclusive, walkable, and business-friendly Kennedy Street NW!


Press Release Statement:

As residents of the greater Kennedy Street NW corridor and advocates for a livable, thriving, safe, and business-friendly street, we are excited to share an Envisioning Document for our community. This document is the result of a year-long collaborative effort by an all-volunteer group of neighbors and members of the Kennedy Street Development Association (KSDA), now restructured as the Kennedy Street Development Corporation (KSDC).

The purpose of this Envisioning Document is to put into words and pictures the opportunities we see in…

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