MPD Unveils Sector Concept Citywide/ with Maps 2Attachments

Happy New Year everyone! MPD has moved to a different patrol strategy which does not greatly impact patrol operations. There are no changes to PSA boundaries. It provides more options in terms of contact with management officials that oversee specific areas. Attached is a map along with a FAQ sheet. This link can also be used to find PSA locations and hyperlinks to management officials. http://mpdc.dc.gov/

Sector I is comprised of PSA 401, PSA 402 and PSA 406. The management team for sector I:

Captain Teresa Weedon Teresa.weedon

Lieutenant Ozetta Posey Ozetta.posey

Lieutenant Donald Ennis Donald.ennis

Lieutenant Matthew Domas matthew.domas

Sector II is comprised of PSA 403, PSA 404 and PSA 405. The management team for sector II:

Captain Juanita Mitchell Juanita.mitchell

Lieutenant Ashely Rosenthal Ashley.rosenthal

Lieutenant Francis Martello francis.martello (effective January 8, 2017)

Lieutenant Shane Lamond shane.lamond

Sector III is comprised of PSA 407, PSA 408 and PSA 409. The management team for sector III:

Captain Derek Larsen derel.larsen

Lieutenant Michelle Robinson michelle.robinson

Lieutenant Anthony Washington Anthony.washington2

Lieutenant Micah Pate micah.pate

Cmdr. Wil Manlapaz

SectorFAQ_01032017_v2 (2).pdf

1.3.17 PSA-Sector Alignment Maps.pdf

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