Citywide and 4D Crime Reductions

The Metropolitan Police Department is pleased to share with you that in 2016, serious crime dropped citywide in nearly every crime category. When compared to 2015, violent crime—defined as homicide, sex abuse, assault with a dangerous weapon (ADW), and robbery—decreased 10 percent. This includes a 17 percent decline in homicides and a 13 percent drop in robberies, which decreased in every police district. Property crime decreased 4 percent, including a 17 percent drop in burglary and 14 percent reduction in motor vehicle theft. Overall crime decreased 5 percent when comparing 2016 with 2015. Additionally, MPD’s patrol and specialized units recovered more than 1800 guns in the District in 2016, and our detectives achieved a 70 percent homicide closure rate.

In the Fourth District, violent crime reduced by 23 percent, property crime reduced by 17 percent with an overall crime decreased of 18 percent. This includes a 31 percent decrease in robberies and a 37 decrease in burglaries. With regards to the burglaries, this was in addition to a 32% decrease from 2015.

Additionally in the Fourth District, we hosted several community bike rides where Mountain Bike Officers rode with members of the community, a Safe Haven haunted house on Halloween night that was very well attended (and SCARY!), and a great Christmas party for local youth.

Of course, building a safer city is only possible with the strong support and cooperation from our communities. The men and women of MPD – sworn and civilian – are committed to safeguarding and serving the District. We are proud of the success over the past decade, when the District’s population grew by more than 15 percent, while violent crime decreased by 27 percent. But we also recognize that there is still a great deal of work to do. We look forward to continuing to work with you all in the New Year to make the District of Columbia the safest big city in the country.

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