Takoma Dog Park Application Update

Hi Everyone,We’ve gotten several of inquiries about the current status of the dog park initiative in our community. Please see the update below and thank you to all of the members of the Northern Ward 4 Dog Park Group and Takoma Brightwood Dog Park Organization who continue to work diligently on this.


  • The Northern Ward 4 Dog Park Group (re)submitted a dog park application to DPR in December 2016. When our original dog park application was denied, DPR Director Keith Anderson expressed to our group and the community that he was committed to expediting the dog park process and he mentioned that he realizes the need for a dog park in our area.
  • A few members of the dog park group’s board met with DPR in person in late December 2016. DPR seems to be interested in locating a dog park on a rectangular, sloped plot of land that is behind Coolidge (next to the Takoma Rec Center parking lot). However, this land is technically owned by DCPS, and at the time we met with DPR they were having a hard time getting an answer from DCPS on whether this land could be used for a dog park.
  • Our dog park group applied for what we believe is a more viable location. It is a triangular space on DPR parkland near the waking path and to the west of the indoor pool building. When selecting this site we noted the criteria in DPR’s dog park regulations as well as the criteria that DPR Director Keith Anderson included in his initial denial letter. We also felt this location would do a better job of activating the unused area, that it would bring more eyes and ears to this part of the park, and also help address longstanding soil erosion problems at the site.

DPR informed our group that they would get back to us on the resubmitted application by January 23, 2017. We’ll hopefully have more news to share at that time.

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