Cheerz Sports Grill

Please, please support this business. The owners are good friends of mine and have been an asset to the community!!!!
Friends, Family, and Neighbors,

Outside of school and PTA I rarely post on the list serve but I will make exceptions when fit. Anyone who knows me can tell you I am a huge supporter of our local businesses and will go out of my way to frequent a DC restaurant /retail prior to stepping into Montgomery County but, unfortunately this can not always be avoided. Cheerz Sports Grill is a businesses on Georgia Ave that I have frequented over the year and would like to see remain in the community. Unfortunately Cheerz has fell on some hard times and is reaching out for support, please see the below link. Wether you patron this business or not it’s important we keep established quality businesses thriving on Georgia Ave. This past year Cheerz sponsored the 3rd grade photo booth for Shepherd Elementary’s Fall Fest although they were facing financial challenges.

A quality business that supports it’s community what more can you ask for………. a community in return that supports that business.



message to the appropriate address:


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