ANC 4C Agenda for Wednesday Feb 8

Here is the agenda for next week’s ANC 4C meeting:


Location: Petworth Library (basement meeting room)

Date: Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Time: 6:30 – 9:00 pm

Going forward we are going to keep that link updated for each month’s agenda. We will be adding items to the agenda as we receive them and you can track those any time by visiting that link. Where there are supporting documents, such as BZA cases, we will try to host those on a publicly viewable Google Drive folder and link to them as well.

ANC 4C is working on several new ideas to bring both efficiencies and transparency to how we work and communicate with the public. If you have any recommendations on how to improve the agenda posting process, or any other ANC process, we would like to hear from you.


DRAFT AGENDA – February 12, 2017 Public Meeting

  1. Call to Order (6:30pm)

  2. Roll Call and Introduction of Commissioners (6:33pm)

  3. Approval of Agenda (6:35)

  4. Reading and Approval of the August 2016 Meeting Minutes (6:37pm)

  5. Treasurer’s Report – Commissioner Campbell (6:40pm)

  6. Agency and DC Elected Officials’ Announcements (3 minutes each) including but not limited to:

a. Office of Ward 4 Councilmember Brandon Todd

b. Executive Office of the Mayor/Office of Community Relations and Services

  1. Community Comment (2 minutes per speaker)


  1. Presentation on DC WASA Water Meter Rehabilitation Project – Emmanuel Briggs (Commissioner Halpern)

    1. Project one pager

    2. Presentation slides

    3. Bill insert

  2. Presentation on the Comprehensive Plan – David Whitehead, Greater Greater Washington (Commissioners Teutsch and Goodman)

  3. Jeremy Lowery, Chesapeake Climate Action, speaking about carbon tax legislative proposal

  4. Emerald Becker, DCPS, announcements about DC lottery for schools


  1. #19418 – 319 Varnum (Commissioner Goodman)

    1. BZA case documents

  2. #18464A – 2 New Heights Child Development Center, 4124 3rd St NW (Commissioner Goodman)

    1. BZA case documents

  3. #19458 – 1352 Randolph Street NW development project (Commissioner Teutsch)

    1. BZA case document


Link: abra.dc.gov

  1. None


  1. None


  1. Grant Circle and DDOT items (Commissioners Martin, Cooper, and Goodman)

  2. Urban Land Institute annual membership (Commissioner Jones)

  3. ANC Security Fund (Commissioner Teutsch)

Jonah Goodman

Commissioner, Single Member District 4C10
Advisory Neighborhood Commission Ward 4
Twitter: @ANCJonah
FB: www.facebook.com/ancjonah/

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