Community Carrot has gone live! Your help is needed

Hello, all,

My ANC colleague David Sheon’s new nonprofit, Community Carrot, is up and running!

This venture, which is separate and independent from ANC 4D, was borne of several community consultations last year in the wake of the shootings on Jefferson St. The consensus view in those meetings was that, while enforcement (sticks) had a role in the prevention of violent crime, there was also a need for more incentives (carrots) to draw our youth into better choices. Some who are now struggling would better be served by nourishing their entrepreneurial talent instead of pushing them toward job search.

Thus Community Carrot came into being. This is a multi-week program of counseling, mentoring, and education with the goal of incubating new, locally based small business.

The nonprofit is setting up at 508 Kennedy St. and I am hoping to see new business startups taking hold on Kennedy St. as well. This would be a unique and creative model of neighborhood improvement in the city, I believe. If it is successful, it would be a powerful win-win for our community and for our youth.

So here’s the rub: the grant for this program just came through in the first week of February, and its deadlines are tight. David needs to enroll 20 program participants in time for a March startup. Below I’m pasting in the contents of a flyer with the details.

I have been approaching young people on the street to provide David’s contact info for follow up. You can do this too! Or you can pass along the information to your neighbors.

I commend David for his vision and tenacity in bringing the program this far. Won’t you help make it happen?

For more information contact David at his Community Carrot email, shown on top of email, or at 422-6999.

Many thanks,
Nancy Roth
Commissioner, ANC 4D01

New Petworth Area Non-Profit Will Pay 18 to 24 Year Olds to Learn How to Create Their Own Businesses!

Sign up Deadline Friday, Feb 17

DC Community Carrot is accepting applications for DC residents, ages 18 to 24, who want to learn how to create their own business. Participants will be paid $8.25 per hour, 20 hours per week while learning!

The application deadline is THIS FRIDAY, February 17th. To get your application, write davids, or call 202 422-6999 and leave a message with where the application should be dropped off.

If you’d like to learn a little more and get help filling out your application, attend an informational workshop.

Workshop 1 is Wednesday, February 15th, at Brightwood Park United Methodist Church, from 5pm to 7pm.

Workshop 2 is Thursday, February 16th, at the Petworth Library Conference Room, from 4:30 to 6:30pm

The program will start in early March and run through September. Applicants don’t need to know their business idea – we’ll help with that too.

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