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Community School Supply Drive

Hello my name is Michael berkley and I’m a 29 year old from the Washington DC area. Being a young man coming from harsh upbringing I know how it is to be less fortunate. I kno how that can take a toll of a young persons life down the road. A lot of it starts with proper schooling and while a lot of kids drop out of school because of issues that go on outside of the household we have to keep a positive school minded atmosphere in these kids life to ensure they they not only stay in school but that they get the best form of education as possible. Things that affect a child’s attitude can be something simple as school supplies. Therefore I am trying to raise money to purchase school supplies for the second half of the school year to keep our future interested in attending school with a positive attitude. The items that will be brought with your donations will be notebook binders, crayons, pens, pencils, paper and just other materials that kids need to succeed. These items will be passed out on Saturday February 25 either at Takoma recreational center in Northwest Washington DC or at Albright Methodist church also located in the northwest part of the District of Columbia. We are not asking for much but we do wanna make sure these kids have the things that we couldn’t have when we were growing up. If u have any questions or want to take part in the school supply drive please contact Michael Berkley at 2024219489. Thank you and u all have a blessed day. + Read More

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