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ANC 4B Meeting Agenda

The next regular public meeting of ANC 4B will be held on Monday, February 27, beginning at 7:00 PM in the community meeting room, MPD 4th District HQ (6001 Georgia Avenue NW).

Proposed Agenda:

1. Call To Order
2. Roll Call
3. Consideration of the Agenda
4. Community Concerns
5. Presentation: CM Kenyon McDuffie’s Office – Air BnB Legislation (tentative-not confirmed)
6. Presentation: Councilmember Robert White
7. Presentation: Office of Unified Communications
8. Presentation: Department of Energy and the Environment – Landscaping at Takoma Recreation Center
9. Resolution 4B-17-0202 – LED Street Light Upgrade
10. Resolution 4B-17-0203 – 5924 Chillum Place NE – Application for Public Space Occupancy Permit – Curb Cut
11. Treasurer’s Report
12. FY 2017 2ND Quarter Report
13. Meeting Minutes
14. Adjournment

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