ANC 4B06 Monthly Meeting


I am pleased to announce my first SMD 4B06 weekly office hours and monthly meetings.

4B06 Weekly Office Hours:

Monday, February 27th (8am – 10am)

Advisory Neighborhood Commission Office
6856 Eastern Avenue, NW #314
Washington, DC 20012

*You are welcome to stop by just to say hello. (If you let me know in advance I will prepare tea and biscuits.)

4B06 Monthly Meeting:

Monday, March 6th (7pm – 9pm)

Capital City Public Charter School
100 Peabody Street, NW (Conference Room)
Washington, DC 20011

*I’ve reserved free parking on-site

Communication Efforts
Public Infrastructure –
(Blair Road / Peabody Street)
Public Safety –
(Increase in Car Break-Ins)
Upcoming Legislation –
(Proposed Bill from Cmb McDuffie: ‘Short Term Rentals Air BnB)
(Proposed Bill from Cmb Nadeau: ‘Eradicate Street Harassment’)
Updates –
(Transitional Housing 5th & Kennedy St. NW)

The weekly office space will seat 10 comfortably.
The monthly meeting space will seat about 20 comfortably.

After 3 months I will revisit the office hours and meeting time/agenda to see if this is the best fit for our community. Please feel free to call or email me if you have any questions or concerns.


Natalee S. Snider
Commissioner, ANC4B06

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