Development alternatives–meeting Thursday Culture Coffee 6:30

Hello, neighbors,
The DC Dept. of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) held a public meeting on Feb 28 at which the developers delivered individual presentations about their approaches to building affordable housing on the vacant lots at 809-813 Kennedy St NW.

I took those presentations and developed a grid comparing the features of all the different approaches. The grid is attached below.

You can also got to this Dropbox link, created by Kennedy St. Development Corp. board member Alexis Olive, to look at the individual presentation slides. My grid is in there as well.


Despite the cold weather we are holding a community meeting on Thursday evening to discuss the alternatives and come up with a few “finalists” whose projects have captured the greatest amount of interest of our residents. That meeting will be held at:

Culture Coffee, 709 Kennedy St NW
6:30 pm

Tell your friends and neighbors! If you cannot come you may contact me at anc4d01(at)yahoo(d0t)com to convey your views—or you can pass them along to a neighbor who is attending the meeting.

On the weekend a group of volunteers from the neighborhood will be going out to look at previous projects done by the finalists. All residents are welcome to attend.

Out of the input I receive from these discussions and trips I will recommend one or two projects for endorsement by my colleagues on ANC 4D. This will take place at our public meeting on Tuesday, March 21.

There is no indication of precipitation through the end of the weekend, so the meeting on Thursday night is ON. Bundle up and join us!

Best regards,

Nancy Roth
Commissioner, ANC 4D01

Grid of developer offerings 809-813 Kenn.docx

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