Public comment – DC Public Charter School Board applications

Engagement Opportunity: DCPS Public Charter School Applications, Call for Public Comment and Town Hall on April 11

The DC Public Charter School Board (DC PCSB) accepted eight applications from groups seeking to open a new public charter school in Washington, DC. If approved, the public charter schools would open in the 2018-19 school year.

The proposals include two elementary schools, two middle schools, a high school, two adult schools and a hybrid high school and adult school.

One element of DC PCSB’s mission is to provide quality public school options through a comprehensive application review process. After accepting the applications, DC PCSB staff will evaluate each application based on its Standard for Approval, which requires that the application demonstrates:

  1. Need for the school;
  2. Sufficient progress in developing the plan;
  3. Consistency of the mission and philosophy;
  4. Inclusiveness; and
  5. Founding group ability.

DC PCSB is accepting public comment on the applications until April 25. Interested parties can submit public comment by:

(a) Email to public.comment;

(b) Postal mail/hand delivery: Attn: Public Comment, DC Public Charter School Board, 3333 14th Street, NW, Suite 210, Washington, DC 20010;

Each applicant group will also have a public hearing on April 24 at 6 p.m. The Board will vote on each proposal on May 22 at 6 p.m.

The Board’s Parent and Alumni Leadership Council will host a Town Hall to discuss each of the proposed school’s applications on April 11 at 6 p.m. RSVP here.

Applicant The Adult Career Technical Education PCS (TACTE)
Type of Program Integrated, accelerated career and technical curriculum that offers HS diplomas
Mission Our mission is to provide students the opportunity to acquire good quality, affordable, academic, technical, and social skills, which will prepare them for successful career employment. We also teach the necessity for life-long learning to meet the needs of the District of Columbia and the changing society at-large.
Grades Served Ages 16-24
Application http://bit.ly/2nEZ58q
Applicant Citizens of the World
Type of Program Rigorous college preparatory progam that offers an experiential learning environment
Mission The mission of Citizens of the World DC is to provide an excellent public education focused on developing and demonstrating understanding while building connections within a diverse community.
Grades Served PK3-5
Application http://bit.ly/2msHOhG
Applicant CyberTech High School
Type of Program College prep program focused on mindfulness and the information technology field
Mission CyberTech Public Charter High School will provide its scholars with a rigorous, college preparatory 21st century learning experience centered on providing occupational and informational access to the information technology field.
Grades Served 9-12
Application http://bit.ly/2nnTFm2
Applicant Digital Pioneers Academy
Type of Program College prep program with a computer science focus
Mission The mission of Digital Pioneers Academy (DPA) is to develop the next generation of innovators. We prepare students to meet or exceed the highest academic standards, while cultivating the strength of character necessary to both graduate from four-year colleges and persist in 21st century careers.
Grades Served 6-8
Application http://bit.ly/2n0g1ZR
Applicant The Family Place
Type of Program Adult program serving primarily English learners
Mission The mission of The Family Place Public Charter School is to improve the literacy and workplace skills of low-income limited English proficient adults in the District so that they and their family are self sustaining, employable and engaged in their community.
Grades Served Adult
Application http://bit.ly/2mOiTbI
Applicant Interactive Academy
Type of Program Project-based and student-centered elementary school
Mission The mission of Interactive Academy PCS is to create an inclusive learning environment that actively engages students in the learning process so that students become socially responsible citizens prepared for college, career, and civic engagement.
Grades Served PK3-5
Application http://bit.ly/2nnS7Zz
Applicant North Star
Type of Program All boys college prep program
Mission The mission of the North Star College Preparatory Academy for Boys is to create a boy-friendly pedagogy-informed academic environment within which young men are equipped with the academic skills, social competencies, and personal development necessary to navigate life challenges, attend and complete the college of their choice, and return to become the premier agents of social change within and for the communities they serve.
Grades Served P4-8
Application http://bit.ly/2n03t50
Applicant Washington School of the Arts and Academics
Type of Program Waldorf high school focused on arts and academics
Mission Washington School of Arts and Academics will provide a holistic education to Washington, D.C. students in a supportive, inclusive community, through an engaging educational program, to prepare individuals for success in life.
Grades Served 9-12
Application http://bit.ly/2msSayh

About the DC Public Charter School Board (DC PCSB): Our goal is to ensure students and families in Washington, DC have access to a quality public charter school education. We do that by setting tough academic standards, using a comprehensive charter application review process and effective oversight, providing meaningful support and actively involving parents, school leaders, the community and policy makers. DC PCSB provides oversight to 65 nonprofits that operate 118 public charter schools that educate more than 41,000 students that live in every ward of the city. Learn more at dcpcsb.org.


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