ACTION REQUESTED: Volunteer Engagement for Budget Advocacy

Good evening neighbors;

AARP is looking for 2-5 volunteers living in each Ward who have expertise in the following areas:

Since I am the AARP Ward 4 Coordinator, I am hoping to get the 2-5 volunteers needed in Ward 4 to speak on these issues at the upcoming budget hearings.

If you are interested and is available, please contact me, off line, at joponds.

For more info, see below. Also, click on this link, https://www.surveymonkey.com/DCBudget and provide the requested information.

As you all know, it’s budget season in the District. AARP DC and our allies identified specific areas of the Mayor’s proposed budget that need to be addressed, including transportation, nutrition services, housing, and case management. We would like your help to identify volunteers in your wards who would be willing to meet with their specific Councilmember to discuss the budget. If the volunteers you identify have experience with nutrition services (congregate meals or delivery meals), transportation (MetroAccess or Seabury), housing, or case management that would be particularly helpful.

Ideally we would have between 2 and 5 volunteers from each ward who can talk about these issues on one of the identified days (May 11, 12, or 15). AARP DC will provide talking points, and for those who need it, transportation to the Wilson Building. Please identify these individuals and send their contact information to Shannon Redd or Peter Rankin by Monday, May 8th.

If connecting with your identified volunteers via email, please include the following link to help AARPDC staff schedule meetings: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DCBudget

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