Citizen Workshop: Shaping the Future of Ward 4 – Saturday 5/13, 9:30-10:30 am

Have you ever wondered:

  • Why DC doesn’t have enough affordable housing?
  • Who makes decisions about what gets built – and where?
  • How we can reduce racial and economic segregation and increase economic equality in DC?

Before May 26, we have a chance to influence these issues in Ward 4! Attend this Citizen Workshop to discuss your vision for Ward 4 with neighbors and learn how we can propose amendments to DC’s comprehensive plan before the May 26 deadline.
Register here to join us at thisworkshop at the Petworth Library, 4200 Kansas Avenue Northwest, from 9:30-10:30 am on Saturday, May 13, or just show up!
Connect with neighbors, as well as ANC 4C Commissioners Bennett Hilley, Charlotte Nugent and Jonah Goodman, to discuss how you want Ward 4 to develop in the next 20 years. We’ll also have a guest speaker from Greater Greater Washington there.
Proposed agenda:

  • Goals of this workshop
  • Introduction to DC’s Comprehensive Plan and the amendment process
  • The Comprehensive Plan: Themes and opportunities across DC
  • The Comprehensive Plan: Overview of "Rock Creek East Element" (our neighborhood)
  • Breakout sessions to brainstorm amendments

We hope to see you there!
Charlotte Nugent
Commissioner, ANC 4C01
4C01 (best method of contact)

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