Support West Modernization Now!!!!

Hi neighbors,

The Education budget is going to be decided in the next week, so here are three things you can do to try to get West’s renovation accelerated (really restored to a timeline the city previously gave us) if you haven’t already:

1) Call, talk to, or email CM Todd, Education Committee Councilmembers, and/or the mayor. (A few people have said calls are most effective.  And bring it up whenever you run into them.)  You can find contact info here: http://dccouncil.us/council

2) Submit written testimony to the Education Committee budget hearing.  The deadline is this Thurs, May 11 at 5pm.  Email astrange@dccouncil.us.  It doesn’t need to be long or unique (feel free to use points I’ve made–I bet others feel the same).  Using a quick email you already sent is perfect–and it can be written in the text of an email/doesn’t need to be an attachment.

3) Attend the meeting Thursday at West!  CM Todd’s staff will be there and CMs Bonds and Robert White are invited as well.  If we just have a small group it’ll hurt our cause.  I’ll be bringing both little ones..Hope to see you there!

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