ANC 4B Regular Public Meeting Monday 5/22/17 7 PM


The next regular public meeting of ANC 4B will be held on Monday, May 22, 2017, beginning at 7 PM in the community meeting room, MPD 4th District HQ, 6001 Georgia Avenue N.W. The meeting agenda is embedded below and is posted on our website, www.anc4b.info.


Monday, May 22, 2017, 7:00 PM

Metropolitan Police Department, 4th District Station, 6001 Georgia Ave., NW


1. Call To Order

2. Roll Call

3. Consideration of the Agenda

4. Community Concerns (15 minutes)

This is the time for questions or statements about the issues on the agenda or other issues of concern. Please limit your statement or question to three minutes.

5. Presentation: Hon. Brandon Todd, Councilmember, Ward 4 (15 min.)

6. Report: Metropolitan Police Department – 4th District (5 min)

7. Report: Phil McCauley, Executive Office of the Mayor (5 min)

1. 8. Election of Representative to Walter Reed Foreign Missions Taskforce ) (5 min)

2. 9. Presentation and Resolution 4B-17-0502: Mr. Eric Atilano, Fair Elections Coalition: Support for Council Bill 22-0192, Fair Elections Act of 2017 (5 min)

3. 10. Presentation: Hines-Urban Atlantic-Triden — Update on Design of Building I/J, Walter Reed Site (10 min)

4. 11. Resolution 4B-17-0501: Authorizing the Standing Committee on Design Review to Meet as a Joint Special Committee with ANC 4A Special Committee on Design Review regarding Georgia Avenue Development (5 min)

12. Resolution 4B-17-0504: Approving a Grant Application from the Lamond Riggs Citizens Association – $500.00 (5 minutes)

13. Resolution 4B-17-0505: Approving a Grant Application from the Lamond Riggs Steelers – $500.00 (5 minutes)

14. Resolution 4B-17-0503: Recommendations Regarding an Application for a New Class C Tavern Liquor License – VIP Room,6201 3rd Street N.W. (10 min)

15. Resolution 4B-17-0506: Recommendations Regarding an Application for a New Class C Restaurant License – TBD, 116 Kennedy Street N.W. (5 min)

16. FY 2017 2nd Quarter Report (5 min.)

17. Treasurer’s Report (5 min.)

18. Approval of Minutes (5 min.)

19. Adjournment

For More Information, Including Documents, Community Links and Office Hours,

Go To ANC4B.info

ANC 4B OFFICE – 6856 Eastern Avenue N.W. #314

202-291-6282 – 4b

Monday-Friday 12 noon-4:00 pm

Jim Irwin, Office Manager

NEXT PUBLIC MEETING: Monday, June 26, 2017, 7 PM, MPD 4th District HQ, 6001 Georgia Ave NW

Contact your Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner:

ANC 4B01 Andre Carley (882-2352, 4b01) ANC 4B02 Tanya Topolewski (202-621-0180, 4b02): ANC 4B03 Scot Knickerbocker (202-854-9191, 4B03); ANC 4B04 Brenda Parks (202-291-2557, 4b04); ANC 4B05 Yolanda Hughes (240-467-1419, 4b05); ANC 4B06 Natalee Snider (202-615-9500, 4b06); ANC 4B07 Judi Jones (291-6282, 4b07): ANC 4B08 (Barbara Rogers 904-1027 4b08); ANC 4B09 Tischa Cockrell (202-247-0547, 4b09)

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4B

Jim Irwin, Office Manager

6856 Eastern Avenue N.W., #314

Washington, D.C. 20012

202-291-6282 – office



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