Final push on the Education Budget: You can still make a difference!

Thank you again for signing our Petition. We are in the final stretch.

The Council Education Committee issued its Report on May 18th which proposes:

  • Increasing per pupil spending by 2.38% (pages 5, 23). That brings us part of the way there, but still short of the OSSE Working Group 3.5% recommendation
  • Requiring a report on how the additional dollars will be used in schools by September 1 (pages 5, 41).
  • Recommending that DCPS improve budget transparency and engagement in the budget process (pages 5, 40) but no specific call to start the process in the Fall.
  • Various changes to the capital budget (pages 24-41)
  • Proposing a delay to the estate tax to move forward the modernization of certain high priority schools and add new schools to the modernization queue (pages 132-136).

The Council will hold a budget discussion on May 25th and the Chairman will circulate his proposed budget in advance of the full Council consideration of it on May 30th.

We need them to capture and build on the gains in the Education Committee Report.

In that spirit, we urge that our signers to undertake as many of the following three tasks as they feel comfortable with:

  1. Call and e-mail Council members urging them to reflect our priorities in the final budget –raising per pupil funding by 3.5%, using those funds in the schools hardest hit by the Mayor’s budget, improving the process going forward and recreating a sense of urgency around the school modernization project, including moving up the modernization of schools ranking highest on the Council hierarchy of need and identified in the Education Committee report.
  2. Consider signing on to Coalition partner DCFPI’s advocacy campaign, "Help DC residents, don’t give tax cuts for the wealthy," which calls for greater support for schools and housing, and also addresses revenue issues. See DCFPI’s latest analysis on how to raise revenues for schools while still giving small businesses a tax cut.
  3. Consider forwarding this e-mail and link to the Petition to your networks and use whatever methods seem the most promising to continue to grow our signature base and amplify our message to the Council regarding the importance of these matters to large numbers of DC voters.

Thank you again for your help to date. Let’s keep it up in the coming week and make a difference.

-The C4DC Team

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