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Yeah, the way i translate things is oriented to the western reader. I translate based on how I would want to describe it to myself to get my point across to myself in my native language the best as possible. I think being a native speaker really helps in that regard (obviously)

I know exactly what pops into the English speaker’s mind when you say ‘meditation’. It is probably much different than what a Japanese person thinks of when they hear ‘meditation’. It’s a cultural thing. We have so much ‘pop culture spirituality’ here that I purposefully choose things which avoid having those connotations, so that the reader might not let those preconceptions cloud what was meant by the author.

That is why I hesitate to translate ‘Zen’ as ‘meditation’ for example, but sometimes I will and I will usually qualify that so people don’t think it’s just sitting and looking holy…. the other funny thing about that is everyone is running around saying ‘zen’ without knowing they’re just saying ‘meditation’ – and often those people are those who look down on meditation … oh the irony… šŸ™‚

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