ANC 4B Public Works/Infrastructure Committee – New Yahoo Discussion Group


ANC 4B’s Public Works/Infrastructure Committee is currently studying an important community issue: the design and routing of the Metropolitan Branch Trail (MBT) which runs through ANC 4B. The MBT is an 8-mile planned rail trail that will run from Union Station in the District of Columbia to the Silver Spring, Maryland Transit Center. We are looking at the proposal for the segment from Fort Totten to Takoma.

The Committee is anxious to benefit from a community discussion of this issue. We will be posting various documents relating to the Trail and invite the community to engage in an ongoing discussion and exchange of views. This will assist the Committee in developing recommendations for the full ANC 4B to consider at a future public meeting.

Here are the first documents related to the MBT routing and design that we want to discuss. Please click on the links below, then you can view and/or download the files. If you want to post a comment about these documents, please be sure to join the Yahoo discussion group https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/fourbmetropolitantrail/info

Michael Alvino sent the following attachments:




Mr. Alvino is the Bicycle Program Specialist – Trails of the DC Department of Transportation’s

Planning & Sustainability Division. He will make a presentation at the June 1 meeting of the Committee.

There are likely to be different points of view on this issue. Please self-moderate and keep it respectful.

Public Works/Infrastructure Committee
Faith Wheeler, Chair

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4B
Jim Irwin, Office Manager
6856 Eastern Ave NW #314
Washington DC 20012


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