Georgia Avenue Family Support Collaborative

Dear Friend:

I want to share a Community jewel. I have the honor of serving on the Board of Directors of the Georgia Avenue Family Support Collaborative (GAFSC). Every day, struggling families in Ward IV and some outside of Ward IV get help from GAFSC. The diverse GAFSC staff works with each family to identify their strengths and needs and connect them to community resources. This includes addressing the wellbeing of parents and children, providing for basic needs and helping the family navigate the complex social services system. Thousands of families have been given a fresh start at life through GAFSC programs and services since 1998. Now, we need your help to continue doing this life-changing work.

I respectfully request that you allow two GAFSC representatives to speak to your congregation, and/or an appropriate ministry, for 10 – 15 minutes to:

  1. Explain opportunities for the congregants and their neighbors to access GAFSC’s programs and services including, among others:
  1. Family centered services
  2. Housing stabilization
  3. Parent education
  4. Crisis intervention
  5. Academic performance improvement
  6. Absenteeism and truancy reduction
  7. Youth substance use prevention
  8. Prenatal care and infant safe sleep support

GAFSC, like many other 501(c)(3) organizations, needs additional human and financial resources to continue and expand its work. Accordingly, if you agree to allow GAFSC representatives to speak, I request that they also be afforded the opportunity to:

  1. Solicit volunteers to assist with GAFSC programs and services
  2. Collect names and email addresses for the GAFSC database so the congregants can be kept up-to-date on GAFSC activities that impact the community
  3. Distribute GAFSC information/flyers

Finally, I request that you consider creating an opportunity for individual congregants and/or church ministries to make financial contributions to GAFSC while the representatives are present and after they leave. After two GAFSC made presentations to my two churches on May 21st, we took up a special collection for GAFSC.

I welcome an opportunity to discuss GAFSC with you in greater detail. Please let me know when you are available to talk.

If you are interested in having GAFSC representatives at your church, please let Shakira Gantt know which Sunday works best for you. Shakira can be reached at sgantt and 202-722-1815, ext. 251.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.


Pastor Gerald L. Elston, Sr.

Albright Memorial United Methodist Church

Brightwood Park United Methodist Church

301-938-3099 cell


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