Mentors needed for DC community carrot business incubator


DC Community Carrot Seeks Mentors
For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

DC Community Carrot is non-profit incubator for new businesses that mentors Opportunity Youth so that they create successful, profitable, businesses of their own. They are looking for community members to serve as mentors to six participants in the program’s inaugural class. These young adults, ages 19 to 24, are working to start their own businesses. They currently live under the poverty limit and have additional barriers that make starting a business difficult. Six of these Entrepreneurs in Training still need mentors who have either started their own business or are in a similar line of work to their interests.

Mentors are asked to spend up to one hour a week checking in with their participant and offering support through September. The support could be offering to connect the participant with other contacts you may have to help them get off the ground, but it may also be emotional support to help them stay focused and confident. If you are interested in learning more about how you can help your community by supporting a young man or woman, contact David Sheon at davids@dccommunitycarrot.org.



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