Ward 4 Ed Alliance Meeting this Thursday 6-8-17

Dear All,

Our Ward 4 Ed Alliance meeting will be held this Thursday at the Brightwood Education Campus. We welcome and congratulate all of you who got involved in advocating for the budget to be more responsive to schools high on the list of need like West.

Joi Ruffan of the DCPS Office of Facility, Planning and Design will join us along with the architectural team for MacFarland. This is an important opportunity to get a sense of the plans for the middle school; how the construction will work with them on campus and where they are in the process with construction to start this summer. .

It will be helpful for the folks from Coolidge and from West to see what is ahead for them. While MacFarland is separate from Roosevelt, its proximity may mean some spaces will be shared. For West, they can meet Joi and there is still room on the MacFarland School Improvement Team for parents from the feeder schools.

We will also have an update on the budget, look to give more info on the plans for the School Nurses and see what we can report on the cell phone tower at Roosevelt. We will not be holding a meeting in July so hope you can attend this one, the last of the school year. Let us know if you can come.

Thank you!

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