TUESDAY Brightwood Community Meeting, June 13 at 7pm

Hello neighbors! This week Tuesday is our June monthly meeting for the BCA. Our agenda includes:

1. Office of Human Rights (OHR) outreach department – which is responsible for disseminating information to the business community in DC, about compliance with the DC human and civil rights laws. For existing or future business owners this will be particularly useful intro to compliance with the DC Human Rights Act and other laws related to civil rights.

2. DC Fair Elections Coalition – will present on the Fair Elections 2017 Act, which 10 Council Members recently co-introduced and/or co-sponsored. The Act is focused on corporate influence in local politics and giving residents a larger voice and role in local elections and local politics.

3. We will invite the usual reports from MPD, ANC 4A, CM Todd’s office, and the Mayor’s office.

Facebook update
Temporary Aspen St sidewalk
Clean Up Day – July 1
Ft Stevens Day – July 8
Brightwood Day – early September

Meeting information:

BCA monthly meeting, Tuesday 7-9pm, June 13
Located at St John United Baptist Church, 6343 – 13th St NW
(intersection of 13th St and Tuckerman)


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