Last Call: Can You Donate to a Neighborhood Screen on the Green?

Manor Park Citizens Association Update
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Dear Neighbor,
On pleasant summer nights, I’m excited to live in a vibrant city like DC. I’m even more excited to live in a dynamic community like Manor Park, where there’s always something going on.

On July 14, we’re coming together for the 2nd Annual MPCA Screen on the Green. We will have games and cartoons for the kids, and a movie for adults. This year, we’re partnering with Capital City Public Charter School, and holding “movie night” on their field, with access to their indoor facilities. It will be a great time for our community.

To make this possible, we need everyone’s support. Will your family donate to the Screen on the Green fund? Your donation supports equipment rental, supplies, and advertising costs.. Most importantly, your donation invests in the community where we live, work, and raise our families.

To hear our story and support this event, visit our Indiegogo page.

Thank you to our generous donors, and see you on the green!

-Manor Park Citizens Association


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