1300 blk Peabody St Fire Update: American Red Cross

Dear Residents,

On behalf of Mayor Muriel Bowser, please find an update on today’s fire in Ward 4:

As you may have learned, early this morning, shortly before 3:00 a.m., DC Fire and EMS responded to a fire at 1360 Peabody Street, Northwest. More than 100 firefighters worked quickly to evacuate and save the lives of approximately 200 residents. Residents affected by the fire were taken to Emery Recreation Center in Ward 4. The Bowser Administration has established an emergency shelter at the Emery Heights Recreation Center (5701 Georgia Avenue NW) for the families displaced by the fire. The American Red Cross is also at Emery providing families and individuals with Cash Assistance Cards, meals, snacks, and water.

Residents displaced by the fire should come to the Emery Recreation Center to register for services and gather additional information regarding their families, homes, and next steps. We are asking ALL residents affected, regardless of immigration status to register. DC is a sanctuary city and residents will not be asked about their immigration status when registering, and translation services are available. The city and the American Red Cross will be at the Emery Recreation Center through at least Sunday, June 25 to help residents impacted by the fire.

The Department of Human Services and the Office of the Tenant Advocate are meeting with the heads of households from each unit to help create relocation plans and conduct overall need assessments. The emergency shelter will be open continuously throughout the weekend to respond to questions and concerns.

If you are in DC and are trying to locate family members displaced by the fire you should call 211. If you are outside the city, call 844-817-2244.

Residents who want to help those who have been displaced are asked to make financial donations to the Red Cross. Please DO NOT bring goods to Emery Recreation Center, those looking to help should call or go online and make a financial donation to the American Red Cross. Donate at 1-800-RED-CROSS (800-733-2767) or http://RedCross.org

As we learn more information, we will continue to keep you updated.


Jasmin Benab
Executive Office of the Mayor
Community Liaison
202.340.7059 __,_._,___

2 thoughts on “1300 blk Peabody St Fire Update: American Red Cross

  1. Jasmin—can some of them go in the 5509 9th St building that DCRA rehabbed last year? Some of those units remain empty.

    Writing from Atlanta where I’m attending a family event. Back Monday.

    Talk soon, Nancy

    Nancy E. Roth Commissioner, ANC 4D01 202 550 8353


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